A missing woman and my thoughts on street photography.

Please read the story below, and if you are located in this area or another please keep your eyes open for this woman.


Melanie Quadros

The missing woman,  Melanie Quadros resembled somebody that I took a street photo of back in January. I contacted Melanie’s mother asking her to take a look at the image. I had some doubts, but at the same time I could not let it go without a family member taking a look. I knew they would know instantly. People change over time, especially with the use and abuse of drugs, it could have been Melanie. I could not sleep last night, I was praying that it would be her daughter. Unfortunately God had another plan. The situation made me take a look at my street photography, and how it has an entirely new meaning for me. I’m out there taking photos, but at the same time I could be capturing an image of someone who is lost, missing, or even running away. It is important what I am doing. If the image had been Melanie, lives would have been changed. Hope may have been given, maybe a family could have been reunited. No longer will I have to think of an answer when someone asks “Why are you taking pictures of people?”.  I will never stop looking for Melanie, my thoughts and prayers go out to her mother, we cannot know her pain.

Melanie Quadros




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  1. This is extraordinary. My motto in my work is There are no ordinary moments and there are no ordinary people. People go on about the “decisive moment” but we can never know if one moment is decisive or not. I think this girl’s mother would have been helped and supported by you showing her the picture, and her knowing you cared. Your heart is good and now you know what REAL street photography is
    thank you

  2. Wow. Such resemblance. I don’t know that I’d have been able to sleep either. I commend you on doing the right thing and following your gut. Yes, all photographs have meaning and in some cases, more than you can even imagine.

  3. Yes, you did the right thing. I can think of nothing worse than losing a child.

  4. Thanks so much for your comments, let’s hope that someday Melanie and her mother are reunited. @Paul, “Your heart is good and now you know what REAL street photography is”, that means a lot, appreciated.

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