A walk through Boston at night.


This is the alley next to the Old City Hall. Noticed a biker coming towards me from the end of the alley, knew it would make a nice black and white conversion.


This image was shot in Downtown Crossing. At a certain time of night you will see homeless and the mentally ill without a place to go, most shelters have cut offs for the time you have to be in by, or be locked out for the night. This man stood facing the wall for some time, at one point he had an outburst, made a large growl and threw something at the wall. Hoping he gets whatever help he needs.


Omni Parker House


MBTA bus. I was looking at people through the windows, as soon as people board the bus they go right into their own world. The newspaper comes out, iPad, or their phones. I could create a good series just by standing outside buses all night.


The Haymarket Farmer’s Market is open Friday and Saturday each week, it was kind of slow. I took a lot of shots with everything covered and wrapped in tarps when the place shut down for the night. It was an eerie place with no people.


Friday night, date night…


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