“I like happy things, I’m really calm and peaceful. I like birds, bees, I like people” -Eminem


Today I went in the exact direction that I want to go with my street photography, in your face. Very happy with the results besides things I see that I need to work on such as composition and background, although background is tough being in a public, heavily traveled space. I’m done with the color vs. black & white question for street shots, I am staying with color. Unless there is an image that will look great converted, color will be my first choice.


I really enjoyed taking this man’s photo, tried something new today and asked people if I could take their photo. Right away this guy broke out into a big smile, and what a great smile he has!


First bit of controversy…this is a vendor (Red Sox hat) at the Haymarket Farmer’s Market. The vendor and the lady in front of my camera were arguing over money, she said that she gave his son a $20, which the son denied. The vendor was screaming, and I was shooting, this is his exact moment of rage when he realized that I was taking his picture. Next thing he is in my face screaming and asking why I am taking his picture, he grabbed my wrist. I told him to get his hands off me, which he did and we both walked away, of course giving each other dirty looks… Just another day at Haymarket, I watch these vendors verbally assault people every time I’m there. Who ever said Boston was a rude city?


There are more from today here:



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  1. Love, love, LOVE these images!!! I wish I had the guts to get those shots… maybe I’ll need to go spend some time in the city with you!

  2. Every Saturday! Meet me at Haymarket!

  3. Great captures! You are a brave man…be careful out there!

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