Cops and a car accident.

A car accident, questioned by a cop. Walked through a small section of Mission Hill today. I found what looked to be a homeless man asleep against a 7-11 window, he was inside and sitting next to a poster advertising the acceptance of EBT cards. I saw the words nutrition and assistance on the poster, it wasn’t going to be a great street shot, but the words and the condition of the man seemed to represent our entire system. Programs made to provide help, yet we have homeless, mentally ill, alcoholics all over our streets. I’m not getting into the politics of it all, enough said already. While I am taking the shot I hear “what are ya taking pictures of?”. I turn around and it’s a Boston cop, I was a bit defensive because a few years ago I went through this with cops in Chelsea, I was out photographing and I was made to both show my pics and then delete them from the camera (it was a terrorist prevention issue as I was close to the LN2 tanker dock). Today I was armed with knowledge, knowledge about my rights as a photographer, cops can’t view your pics without a warrant, and certainly cannot ask you to delete them. Google it, find out about your rights. Anyway, the cop asked what I was doing, I told her what I was shooting, and she told me that they were there to pick up “Pedro”, he was being put into protective custody. The cop turned out to be working in his defense, she thought I found something comical about the man asleep, and it was the opposite, no harm done.


Before I headed to Mission Hill I was walking towards Brookline Ave., I heard car tires screeching and then a loud crash. I was at the scene about three seconds after the crash, took some pics, asked the driver for a shot, gave him my card and went on my way. Interesting afternoon.

Car Crash

As always you can find more shots on my Flickr page, and I also created a new group on Flickr called City of Boston, if you are local join it and add some photos, if not, join and enjoy the photostream.








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  1. Jill Valenzuela

    Absolutely beautiful Joe..!!! Breathtaking & STUNNING.. Jill Valenzuela

  2. Thanks Jill! You are the best, thanks for looking!

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