You can take me off of the street, but you can’t take the street out of me.

Another year has come and with it a new direction for my photography. 2013 will be my year on the street. There are no conditions that I am placing on myself. It doesn’t matter if my shots come from Boston, Melrose, or any other city. The shots will be from the street. People, places, things, shadows, light, anything that I can capture and that I want to show. “Street Photography” is what I am seeking, I don’t know what I will end up with. So many factors go into a street shot, or none at all, depending on who you talk to. I am looking to create my own definition, the definition that works for me. The shot below, taken today is a shot to add to the post, nothing more. It’s lousy, but after two hours I didn’t get the shot I wanted. I missed two, I didn’t move fast enough. The missed shots lasted about two seconds and I was too slow. It’s already a lesson learned, and it’s another reason I am doing this, it’s a challenge, I want to push myself to be considered a “street photographer”. Whether this happens or not, I can’t predict. I’m just going to do the footwork and I’ll see what happens…

January 1st, 2013


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